Built Strong Foundation Repair

Built Strong Construction is a leader in the Southern California area with over a decade of experience in earthquake retrofitting & foundation repair. We are a family-owned and operated business with over 26 years of experience in house earthquake retrofitting, foundation repair, house leveling, floor leveling, retaining walls, and bracing walls, providing complete protection for your family.

If you're experiencing settling foundations, cracks in drywall, sagging floor joists, a sinking slab or cracked slab or if the building is on unsuitable foundation soils, we have the solution to your problem.

Why Choose Us?

  • ✔ FREE Homeowner Estimate
  • ✔ Competitive Pricing
  • ✔ Thorough Visual Inspection
  • ✔ Many Years of Experience
  • ✔ Great Customer Service
  • ✔ Licensed & Insured
  • ✔ 0% Financing Available
  • ✔ Lifetime Warranty

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