An earthquake is defined as any seismic activity that is caused by either humans or is natural. This activity then creates seismic waves. Earthquakes can be cause by many things, such as, instable faults, volcanic activity, mud slides, land slides and nuclear testing.

High ranked earthquakes are anything measuring above a 5 and have the potential to severely damage structures. Homes can slide off their foundations, or slide off slopes if built with stilts on a hillside an even suffer cracked slabs and destroyed cripple walls. 

California has over 60% of all earthquake risk cumulatively across the country and approximately 2000 faults. This equates to 102 earthquakes per day and 37,000 annually. 

High-risk regions can be verified on the California Governors Office of Emergency Services. Click here to read more info and determine if your home is in an earthquake hazard area. http://myhazards.calema.ca.gov/ 

A structure site with less than a 10% grade.

A foundation concrete slab built directly on soil. Not over a basement or otherwise. 

Cost are dependent upon labor and material fees, Cripple wall height and if there is current damage to the frame lumber such as rot.

Building departments may be managed by either city or county.  You can check California Contractors State License Board webpage to see what building department your home pertains to. 

Your local building department can issue these permits.

A homeowner or a licensed contractor can obtain a permit.

Your local building department can issue these permits.

The amount and specific inspections necessary will are determined on a city to city basis.  Your building department will notify you of the needed inspections when a permit is granted.

There are several websites you may use to locate quality contractors, such as Earthquake Brace and Bolt.  Brace and Bolt has a directory of contractors in your area.

The California offers web services to verify license numbers for contractors.  And the license numbers are sometimes available on the company website.

Retrofitting may be completed by a homeowner, but they are advised to take precautions while completing the project.  Requirements and risks for homeowner retrofitting can be found through the California State License Board webpage.

If your concrete slab is cracking you may want to consider replacing the foundation by pouring new concrete or repairing the existing concrete with reinforcing rebar technology.

The contractor should confirm the correct length of the wall.  The may then indicate the specific sizes of plywood and sheathing needed and provide that information on a written report with the building permit. A building official must have final approval of these documents.

Helical Piers are one of our most successful techniques to correct leveling issues. To learn more about Helical piers (Click Here)

  • Cracks in Bricks
  • Chimney leaning or cracks
  • Drywall Cracks
  • Settling Foundations
  • Sticking Doors or Windows
  • Gapping in window or door frames
  • Plastering cracks in the home interior walls
  • leaning walls
  • Uneven Floors
  • Cracks in foundations, basements, slabs or concrete

Replacement is used only when the foundation is severely damaged and repair is no longer beneficial.  Repair can be recommended to secure issues such as cracks.

Helical Piers and jack systems may be suggested to correct leveling issues.

Helical Piers are driven down into the ground to a solid bedrock and used to raise the foundation above.  Jacks are used to raise the house framing onto piers.

New slabs may be replaced by pouring new concrete or by adding support steel systems into the concrete.

A cripple wall can be an existing wall or it may be built post original construction.  This wall is placed horizontally between the foundation and the house frame.

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