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A Caisson is a cylinder shaft fabricated from concrete and placed underneath a building tier that dives down into bedrock.  Caisson structures are essential when constructing anything on top of high moisture soil or weak soils.

Caissons work great to improve the structures strength especially for buildings which are dated and can benefit from stabilization.

Caissons are commonly used in underwater construction for bridges and piers, where a solid concrete Caisson may be sunk into place.

Caissons are also used to prevent water seepage into soils, similar to a dam, which will prevent the structure from decreased support due to moisture. There are several different types of Caissons:

  • Shallow Caissons– can be left open at the top of the tier chamber.
  • Pneumatic Caissons– must be closed at the top of the tier creating a sealed compartment of pressurized air. This pressure will keep mud and moisture tightly compressed at a firm level, so it doesn’t leak creating wavering mud. Or the Caisson may be filled with concrete if used for water construction.



Creating a Caisson Modification

After Caissons are constructed above ground they are then driven into the soil or mud until a secure and durable soil or bedrock is reached.


Caissons are very effective especially if filled with concrete in underwater structures.
If you are building underwater or have a property built on a high moisture soil you could benefit from supplemental Caissons.



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