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Concrete Slab Repair

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Concrete slabs often crack after a period of time.  If left untreated, cracks can increase in size, causing major damage to your home.  A cracked slab can eventually pull apart walls, cause drainage problems, and even allow insects and vermin to enter the home.

Concrete slab cracks are normally due to an issue occurring in the soil.  Soils under the foundation may expand from large amounts of water or compress from a water deficiency.

Built Strong’s quick and easy foundation slab repairs will prevent any of these unnecessary and irritating problems.

Severe damage can occur when a crack develops in the center of the foundation, eventually spreading to the perimeters of the home where the problem becomes visible.

Warning Signs

  • Cracking in tile
  • Drywall or stucco cracks
  • Doors that don’t properly shut
  • Doors that don’t shut easily
  • Warped wallpaper
  • Space between doors and trim
  • Cracks in concrete surrounding the structure
  • Collapsing chimneys


 Our method for Slab Repair Repair and Cracking

 We use a rebar method or crack injection material.  The rebar method is completed by using steel bars built into concrete as its poured. Once the concrete is dried the rebars add fortitude and may prevent any future cracking. Crack injections are used to fill in areas of concrete creating a bond. There are 2 different types of injection materiel used to fill concrete cracks.

Epoxy Injections: May be used to secure and correct concrete foundation settling or cracks. This Epoxy will create a form bond within the concrete foundation and your homes foundation can be improved in a matter of hours.

Epoxy materials provide the listed advantages:

  • Can rectify leaks, either air or water
  • Connect and merge concrete
  • Decrease vaporization
  • Increase the structures strength and vitality/vigor
  • Provides long-lasting solution to cracks

Polyurethane Foam injection: this foam is created to fill deeper, wider cracks in concrete. After injected the polyurethane will expand to full the width of the crack.

Polyurethane foam provides the listed advantages:

  • Permanent
  • Decreases humidity
  • Prevents air leaks
  • Provide sealing for foundation walls
  • Expands to a density or volume 20 times greater

Cracking Slab Repair


Concrete slab cracks are usually due to weak soil under the foundation, causing the concrete to settle into the ground and eventually cracking from weight pressure.
If your homes slab cracks are wider in size, a Polyurethane foam is better an will expand more than a Epoxy solution.



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