Why Every Home in Los Angeles Needs Earthquake Retrofitting

12 Sept 2017 By Admin

If you live in Los Angeles, retrofitting your home for an earthquake is imperative. The next big earthquake could kill 2,000...

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Can a home foundation problem impact a real estate transaction?

12 March 2017 By Admin

Everyone knows it's important to have a solid foundation for your home for various reasons such as earhquake damage prevention...

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5 Major Signs your home foundation needs repair

11 April 2017 By Admin

Foundation repairs can run the gamut from simple fixes to major reconstruction. Weather can be the biggest culprit having a major...

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What kind of solution is best for my property foundtion issues?

15 August 2017 By Admin

There are many solutions and methods to improve or repair your homes foundation issues, whether it's repairing an existing...

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More about built strong foundation repair

22 Oct 2017 By Admin

Having inspected thousands of structures and seeing the devastating damage earthquakes can do, we were founded with the goal of...

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