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Concrete slabs often crack after a period of time. If left untreated, cracks can increase in size, causing major damage to your home. A cracked slab can eventually pull apart walls, cause drainage problems, and even allow insects and vermin to enter the home.

Concrete slab cracks are normally due to an issue occurring in the soil. Soils under the foundation may expand from large amounts of water or compress from a water deficiency.

Built Strong’s quick and easy foundation slab repairs will prevent any of these unnecessary and irritating problems.

Severe damage can occur when a crack develops in the center of the foundation, eventually spreading to the perimeters of the home where the problem becomes visible.

Warning Signs:

  • Cracks in Tile
  • Drywall or Stucco Cracks
  • Doors That Dont's Properly Shut
  • Warped Wallpaper
  • Space Between Doors and Trim
  • Cracks in Concrete Surrounding the Structure
  • Collapsing Chimneys

This technology is beneficial for both residential and commercial properties. The basis of Helical Piers is built from a system of vertical steel piers similar to a post which are driven into the soil until reaching a solid layer of bedrock. This will provide increased support for the concrete foundation above, to successfully level the slab. Helical Piers solutions can take approximately 1-5 days to complete.

helical piers

Types of Helical Piers We Recommend

Square Shaft Pile: Used in both uplift and compression situations.

These piles have considerable weight bearing capacity. However a majority projects with Square Shaft piles are used for upward or tension jobs intended to raise the foundation to its correct and level position.

With the type of fitting process that we use, the Helical Piers can be installed any time of the year or any season and only require minimal equipment, as to lessen any immediate disturbance and acts a as a noise reducer.

Advantages to Helical Pier Solutions:

  • Weight may be supported immediately after furnishing
  • May be implemented in harsh weather conditions
  • Can be installed with small machinery
  • Budget efficient
  • Simple removal if used in a temporary application
  • Environmentally and economically friendly
  • Used from recycled steel

Alternatives to Helical Pier Solutions:

Tie Backs: The Tieback system approach is used to provide supplemental support if necessary to foundations and walls by using diagonally placed Piers, ensuring horizontal and vertical support.

The Installation Process

Tiebacks are driven into firm and stable soils and then connected via an adapter to a retaining wall to ensure stability.

We take our time to cautiously map out the area and find the best way to approach the problem to install your helical piers. They are mechanically installed by screwing them deep into the soil. We closely monitor the installation to assure optimum capacity. Once we have them at their capacity location, we will install and attach an underpinning steel foundation bracket to the piers. In a carefully maneuvered switch, the weight of your home is transferred onto the piers and then onto the soils below. This will ensure no future sagging and shifting of your home and give the possibility of your home being lifted to its original building position.

Built Strong’s Helical Piers are leading the way in foundation technology today and can be used for almost any application. They offer a fast and easy way to secure your foundation without the hassle of excavating or spoils, and can also be used to correct bowed walls or provide lateral tension. When dealing with limited access like low overhead or restricted width, installing Helical Piers are an attractive choice . The steel, auger like piers are also used for street lighting, swamps, and other difficult applications. By far, helical piers are the fastest, least cumbersome and most efficient way to deal with difficult foundation problems. Contact Built Strong today to determine if helical piers are a good option for your project.

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