Cripple Wall

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A Cripple Wall is a shorter horizontal running wall that is vertically shorter than the entire length of the homes walls. This wall is normally between the foundation and the first story, surrounding and near the crawl space.

They are typically covered with stucco or horizontal wood. These cover materials are part of a wall-brace technique for seismic weight, and are an essential part of a foundations structural integrity.

We can install new Cripple Walls into raised foundations specifically, which will add support to the house frame. APA Panel installation will begin at the perimeter corners.

Panels are recommended to be placed horizontally. The walls surrounding should be less than 4 feet tall. Vent holes should also be added to panels placed inside cripple walls. These vent holes should be drilled in a row of ½ inch diameter with another row 5 inches above the bottom Cripple wall plate. This venting technique will improve the maximum capacity for weight.

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