Earthquake Retrofitting

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Earthquake retrofitting is a step-by-step project of using supplemental hardware to materials such as but not limited to lumber, plywood and steel to be used in the additive construction of the foundation. This application is contrived to defend against foundation damage due to ground motion, seismic activity or soil failure.

These techniques involve a pervasive and strict procedure for success. Structures that may benefit from and in most need of Earthquake Retrofitting are any infrastructures built post 1936. Structures built after this time period commonly have some form of bolting from the original foundation. And this is where retrofitting can prove incredibly beneficial, adding that extra protection necessary.

The Earthquake Retrofitting method is designed to be utilized as a preventative measure to increase foundational integrity and protection in a potentially disastrous occurrence such as an earthquake.

All of our earthquake retrofitting adheres to all current city requirements in Los Angeles and Orange counties. These standards may be located on the City of Los Angles webpage.

earthquake retrofitting

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