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Underpinning is a method of foundation strengthening by expanding the depth or width of the existing foundation, when additional strength is required to enforce the structure or foundation. This is done by pouring concrete with rebar for reinforcement. Underpinning provides an extreme amount of support for even the toughest jobs, and provides owners the peace of mind needed to continue living in structures severely damaged by settling foundations or having areas that need special attention.

Micropiles are a common solution for Underpinning. Micropiles are produced with concrete and highly durable steel with a small diameter casing or threaded bar. Weight capacities are dependent upon the status of the existing soil. The micropiles are installed by a drilling method, which drives the steel casings into the ground.

Special Requirements for Underpinning Teachniques

In order to use Underpinning you must have complete a soil report to determine the status of the bedrock to see the depth of bedrock. If initial bedrock is deeper that 5 ft, Underpinning is not the right solution for your property. In this case we recommend a Helical Pier solution which is more stable and appropriate for lower depths of bedrock. To learn more about Helical Pier systems click here.

Built Strong can handle the toughest jobs with ease and with our expertise in foundations you can rest assured that you will receive the utmost in quality service.

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