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property inspection

We provide priority inspections for both residential and commercial properties. Our inspections may also be performed in concession to insurance specifications which may request status of bolting.

Our initial inspection process begins with a comprehensive and precise walk through. This walk through is designed to ascertain the present condition and extent and severity of the potential damage to the structure. This includes procedures such as analysis of the state of the foundation region, but also the status of the interior and perimeter.

Interior inspections provide an interpretation as to what may be developing under the structure. Our exterior review is conceived to address concerns regarding damage due to moisture problems.

Prior to the exterior inspection, we survey each interior individual room scrupulously. Proceeding this we then begin a perimeter check of the dwelling to identify moisture issues which may be affecting the soil underneath the foundation, in turn creating issues for the integrity of the infrastructure.

By deciphering the factors of the existing conditions through this process, we can then compile a written report stating and defining the obstacles affecting the damages and suggest or provide possible solutions to remedy the situation. We can then determine a cost estimate and schedule a date to begin the project.

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