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Concrete Waterproofing

When it comes to waterproofing concrete, Built Strong can ensure that the job is done properly to avoid any future disastrous results. A leaky foundation in a residential or commercial building can damage finishes, furnishings, expensive equipment and the structure itself. Having to replace or repair possessions in your home destroyed by water can be very expensive. Taking the steps to waterproof your building can ultimately save you a great deal of money. Mediocre concrete contains fine pores which allow moisture or water to penetrate and seep through. The size of these holes is dependent upon the water to cement ratio; the higher the ratio, the more porous the concrete.

Don’t let your home become a victim of poor waterproofing. Built Strong uses spray or sheeting methods to apply waterproofing to concrete. This makes it easy to restore any area lacking proper sealing.

Does your crawlspace feel damp or do you notice a musty smell coming from it? If so, you are most likely in need of waterproofing. In geographic regions where the soil has high moisture aspects, Built Strong can apply a moisture barrier to keep your foundation dry. Termites, other insects, mold and rot thrive in damp environments. By using a thick polyethylene liner or moisture barrier, your crawlspace will be completely protected from the lasting impairment of moisture rich soils.

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